Surdell and Partners Featured in Oracle Webinar

Oracle recently teamed with Inc. 5000—the 5000 fastest-growing companies in America—to survey business leaders on the steps they felt their businesses needed to take to enable future growth, and hosted a webinar to share their results.

The Oracle webinar, Technology-Driven Strategies to Sustain Cost-Effective Growth, featured four guest speakers with backgrounds in marketing, advertising and technology, and included our very own Adam Kanzmeier, Partner and Director of Customer Intelligence and Strategic Consulting.

In the webinar, Adam shares his keys to building cloud-based processes by explaining the ways in which he has increased Surdell and Partners’ profitability by integrating Oracle’s Cloud technology into our current IT infrastructure.

Adam explains that a few years ago, the company was at a crucial decision point about whether to refresh our hardware on premises or on the cloud. “The biggest surprise to us was that it was far simpler to integrate everything into Oracle’s Cloud than it would have been to replicate something in our data center,” he says. “Oracle’s Cloud has given us the ability to offer services we couldn’t have offered on premises before.”

Adam also examines the value proposition of the cloud in his experience using it within the company. “We live in a very fast paced environment, and we get requests from our customers every day, so we have to be able to respond to them quickly,” Adam says. “But if you have the right processes, the right structure, and the right people in place, then everybody is on the same page and they know how we go from 5 mph to 500 mph without missing a beat.”

Leading our technological consulting team, Adam works to offer solutions to other retailers, in-house marketing and advertising departments, and advertising agencies. In addition to marketing and advertising services, Surdell and Partners also helps businesses streamline systems and maximize efficiency, providing training on programs like Workamajig.

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